About Moving Home

At Welford Chambers LLC we understand that buying and selling a home is a massive financial investment and the moving process can be extremely stressful. That’s why we don’t treat conveyancing as a mechanical process to be carried out in a call centre. We don’t have conveyancing “teams”, we don’t have automated call queues and we won’t subject our clients to voicemail messages. It’s personal and proactive performance that counts.

When you instruct Welford Chambers LLC you can rest assured that your conveyancing will be carried out by a Conveyancer who will be with you every step of the way. We will make sure that you are fully protected throughout the transaction and you have the comfort of knowing that if any problems arise you can speak to an experienced professional immediately.

As the vast majority of our clients agree, it really pays to have Welford Chambers LLC on your side!

We can help you with:

• Sale and purchase of Houses and Flats
• Transfers of Houses and Flats between co-owners
• Property Disputes
• Purchases of Council Houses and Flats under the Right To Buy scheme
• Purchases and Sales of Properties under the Shared Ownership Scheme
• Remortgages
• Deeds of Trust between co-owners
• Grants of Leases, Rights of Way and claims to property